"Wash Day"

“Wash Day” is the third of a 3-piece mural, "Heart of the Home" which was commissioned by the Town of Montague for the town's 100th anniversary of incorporation and the Canada 150 Celebrations. It is hung on the Bogside Brewery building on Brook St in Montague, PEI.

The tub and washboard were the workhorses needed to keep everyone clean and neat as a pin. The “dryer” was the wind and the children helped in getting the clothing onto the clothesline and back into the house. Brother is fetching some firewood so the stove can be stoked and heat the water.

If someone came here from the Confederation era, they would be astounded as to how easy we have it (physically) compared to what they had to do. We have made so many strides in technology, but with advancements, our communication is not necessarily as good as it was back then when a family had to pull together so that they all might share in the work and the play. They talked to each other while they did their chores, partly because it was close quarters. Because of modern technology, it is difficult for us to know the hard work which these people, our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents did so willingly.

Prints are available.