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While touring PEI with my partner and our dog we took a lot of back roads and one magical day we saw the sign for your gallery. You welcomed us into your home, we met your family and we instantly fell in love with your work. We look forward to hanging our beautiful painting in our new house and then we will be ready to order more. Your artwork will make us feel like we are back in PEI every time we look at it. Thank you for this memorable chance meeting. We look forward to seeing you again.
Pam Millar - 21 Aug 2017
Very impressed with your work! Didn't know you had such a talent. I have been taking painting lessons but not on your level yet. Say hi to Walt. Fred
Fred Jeans - 24 Mar 2017
Amazing paintings! Loved looking through them and hope to see more! (Elsie Peters (Gosbee) daughter)
Susie Ross - 7 Sep 2013
Hi Lorraine, I've checked out your tutorial for the painting pink and green reflections and attempted to do it. It's been very instructive and I would like to thank you for it.
Sarah Sakr - 8 Feb 2013
Hi Lorraine ,your paintings are very impressive indeed !.Just a great wed site you have developed.So nice to see you both on Friday.
Bob Warren - 10 Dec 2012
Hi Lorraine, Just looking at your paintings with Glenys. They are so beautiful-you have a God-given talent for sure. Take care.
Yolanda Emberley - 11 Jun 2012
I am new to painting. Enjoy your free lesson on "Painting Flowers in Acrylics". Your explanation is so clear and in details. Hope you will offer courses on DVDs.
Hataya Tuchinda - 4 Jun 2012
Stumbled on your website through the facebook. Wonderful web site and work. I will be your neighbor this summer over on the cliff. Hope we can paint together. Great views. Hugs, Nancy
nancy Perkins - 24 Feb 2012
Love your paintings...they are so vivid. I found your instructions on ArtGraphica really useful. If you've written any books or have any classes online I'd be very interested.
Lucy Whitehead - 21 Dec 2011
SHEILA GREEN - 13 Sep 2010
Hi Lorraine! Just checking out some of your amazing art!! Hope life in PEI is treating you well.
Allison Damery - 5 Jun 2010
Love your work, I visited your site because of your how to paint snow and icycles, that I got from artinstruction for beginers. Again thanks Danny
Danny - 21 Jan 2010
Hi Lorraine. I enjoyed touring your new site. Love your work. I wish you offered courses online or via DVDs. Fern
Fern Jennins-Cobb - 30 Aug 2009
congratulations on your new website. really enjoyed it. the colors and your imagination are wonderful.
bob & eunice - 8 May 2009
Awesome talent Lorraine, you capture each subject and bring out it's best. Truely awesome!
Diane MacDonald - 8 May 2009
I really enjoy your work. I learned alot from your demonstations on line. I am a professional architect practicing over 30 years and about a year ago I resumed painting with acrylics. I am learning from many sources. I like the way you capture to light. Thank you for you hard work. Best Regards BobDay
Robert Day - 7 May 2009
Hi Lorraine, your paintings are gorgeous! At a girlfriend's in Sylvan Lake,AB. Say hi to your Mom, Love ya, Betty
Betty Clarey-Seper - 1 Apr 2009
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