"Center of Attention"

"Bath Night" is the second of a three part commissioned mural, Heart of the Home", for the Canada 150 celebration and the Montague 100 Years of incorporation for 2017. It is hung on the Bogside Brewery building on Brook St in Montague, PEI.

“Center of Attention” Generally families were large and each of the children had to take over some of the responsibilities for the smooth operation of the entire home, as did Mother and Father. Mother did most of the work inside the home; certain chores were relegated to each of the children to help and so they could learn first hand what would be required of them as they grew into adulthood. Sister has been busy today. She and Mother made bread and are putting the touches on the cherry pie. Think of what a “food processor” does today and see how many of the simple tools used here would be replaced by the more modern appliance. Do you see what Mr Cat is searching for?

Prints are available.