"Yesterday Revisited"

Yesterday Revisited" is one of the murals I created for Canada 150 years and the 100 years of Montague, PEI's incorporation for 2017. This image represents the Main Street of Montague about 100 years ago. It hangs on the TCAP building (swimming pool and recreation center) at the top of Wood Islands Hill.

The bridge joins the north and the south of Montague, it was a second hand structure and finished construction in 1912. The red sandstone brick Post office/ Customs Building stands watch over the goings on of the Montague River which is always abuzz with schooners bringing in goods and taking away food and supplies for foreign lands. It is also a wonderful place for recreation, whether swimming, canoeing, picnicing or fishing. Many of the homes are still standing, a testament to the way they were built in those days.

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