Precarious - SOLD

This painting was sold the the government of Prince Edward Island for the 2020 Art Procurement Program to be displayed in public spaces on PEI.

The edges of much of Prince Edward Island's coastline are made of sandstone which means that the ocean with all its wild adventures takes a toll on the structure of the red cliffs. Rain, wind, waves and ice are not friends of such a soft stone.

As you can see, the trees are trying to hang on to the bit of soil which is atop this piece of coastline but the environment will eventually win and the trees will fall to the shoreline to be swept away into the ocean.

Also, in between the layers of sandstone are layers of clay which, when it gets wet, falls to the shore. Once the integrity of the sandstone is compromised by losing layers of soil, the sandstone falls. Our "sandspit in the middle of the ocean" as it has been called, loses some of its circumference every year but especially now with global warming.

This painting has been sold to the Province of PEI for the Art Procurement Program and is currently in the offices of the Premier.



Acrylic on canvas


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