Just Left There 72 7x5

A discarded lobster boat rests on the shore in Murray Harbour North, PEI. It served it's master well but is not able to be repaired anymore. This is a scene from about twenty-five years ago. The boat is long gone but I see it every time I drive past this area. This is so much a representation of life in every way.

Acrylic on Canvas

16" x 20"


Offering prints.
Paper prints printed on 100% fine acid-free cotton archival inks. (Require matting and frame with glass):
8"x10" - $35.00
16"x20"- $60.00

Canvas prints - the image is printed directly on canvas with archival inks. The canvas is then stretched on a wooden frame and would normally be framed but not necessary and no glass is required because they are finished with a protective coating. Because they are printed on woven canvas, the texture makes them look very much like the original painting.:
8"x10" - $75.00
16"x20" - $120.00
These prices shown do not include shipping and handling but shipping is available.